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Izor Chiropractic Wellness Testimonials

  • I always feel a lot better after a massage therapy session with Samantha. I was quite pleased when her efforts provided a great deal of relief.
  • I love how Dr Izor explained everything he was doing during my adjustment!
  • Dr. Izor and his entire staff we’re outstanding! I already feel 100% better and I am 100%confident that I’ll reach a level of wellness that I haven’t had for some time!
  • Dr. Igor was very knowledgeable, efficient and I have the upmost confident in his abilities to diagnose and treat my issues.
  • Everyone was welcoming & I really appreciated the explanations that were as detailed as I wanted them to be. Would highly recommend Dr. Izor’s practice.
  • Thank you so much for getting me in on the same day I called and explaining I could do the necessary paperwork beforehand. Made my first visit even more exceptional!! Thank you!
  • Started with Dr Izor back in the 80’s. So I’m a returning patient after all those years!
  • Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Dr. Izor was very informative, clear with explanations and gave me a general feeling that he cared about my improvement.

  • Absolutely amazing!
  • The best experience I have had with a doctor/staff, they were wonderful.
  • The over-all experience was more than I had hoped for the 1st visit. Looking forward to getting pain free quickly.
  • Appreciate getting in the same day I called!
  • Everyone was absolutely great. Dr Izor didn’t try to give me any tests that I didn’t need. He took care of my pinched nerve and I was on my way!
  • I feel much better! Glad I came.
  • Very pleasant experience.
  • Dr. Izor is a super nice guy. Staff as well. He is very good at what he does. The only place I go to. Has got me back on track many times.
  • The headache I’ve had for two weeks is gone after one visit. I’m so grateful. I’m looking forward to staying healthy and pain-free with Dr. Izor!
  • Felt comfortable and very happy with my first visit. I felt a difference on my first visit. I look forward to my next visit and am on the mend in no time. Doctor and staff were very friendly.

Stress Free Appointment

I'm so happy I went to Dr. Izor! I get a lot of stress going to appointments but I from calling and setting up my appointment and arriving, it was stress free! Everyone was so welcoming and Dr. Izor is so kind and knowledgeable. He explained everything so well and made sure I understood. First appointment and honestly I feel better already. I'll be following my exercises and with his help I'm sure I won't be so miserable with pain. Thank you Dr. Izor, can't wait to be back very soon!

Can't Wait to Go Back!

I've been to so many different doctors. Nobody had been able to help my pain or headaches. They just kept pushing more pills at me for temporary relief. I found Dr. Izor and read about his story and it gave me hope. After leaving my first appointment there were so many improvements. At 49, I had come to believe that I would just be living with the pain for the rest of my life. Now I have hope that my future will be better and I don't have to accept a life that is less than I deserve. Dr. Izor is down-to-earth and realistic. He doesn't try to give false hope but explains everything to help you understand the possibilities and options. The staff was also very friendly! I can't wait to go back!

Put All My Worries At Ease

Dr. Izor is 10/10. I am very leery about health care due to bad experiences in the past, but Dr. Izor and his staff put all my worries at ease. I never felt pressured to continually come back. They went above and beyond for me. Dr. Izor listened to my concerns and explanations, and he gave me what I needed. Many thanks to the Izor group. 10/10 would recommend.

Getting Help in Dublin

I was in an automobile accident in September 2015.  Since the accident I have had severe pain in my neck, shoulders and basically my entire back.  Two days after the accident I sought treatment from a chiropractor who I saw for approximately 6 weeks.  During that time my treatments didn't make any improvements to my condition.

A New Chiropractor

I was referred to Dr. Izor from a coworker.  I began seeing Dr. Izor and Danielle, the massage therapist, in November 2015.  I began at three times per week and saw immediate improvements! I am now continuing to see Dr. Izor and Danielle once a week.  My condition has greatly improved as has my quality of life. Dr. Izor and Danielle have developed a treatment plan that has worked and I continue to see improvements week after week.  I tell them both they have "magic hands". I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing chiropractic treatment.  Thanks for all that you have done for me!"